Semen Sires

Semen sires

14 June a

Texas Mount K2(AI) - 28 Months
 GPS x Grand Design 
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 47cm
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Trait Leader CED, GL, 200, 400, 600, SS
Top 1% CED, GL, 200, 400, 600 CWT & All Indexes,  



 Texas Mount K2(AI) - 18 Months
  Frame 7
  Scrotal 44cm

 K2 is the highest selling bull for Texas Angus at $45,000 for a 3/4 share.  Welcome Swallow Angus and Glenoch Angus fell in love with K2 because his power packed pedigree, his Dam Texas Undine Z183 rated as Texas's best ET donor, his impressive EBVs, structure and amazing temperament.  K2 was a tiny calf born and grew to be 100kgs heavier than his contemporaries. (Packages only - 25 straws @ $100 each, 50 straws @ $80 each and 100 straws @ $60 each.)




 Texas Stud Muffin H220(AI)
 Bangadang Western Express E10 x Te Mania Infinity
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 44cm
 Mature Weight 1200kgs
Trait Leader 200, 400, 600, SS
Top 1% 200, 400, 600 Day, SS, CWT

 H220 is an excellent replacement of his deceased sire E10.  He was a standout of his contemporary with scanning and weight gain and has excellent structure.  He is a big free moving sire with added length and thickness coupled with softness. There is not any guessing in the breeding potential of this young bull. His grand dam is Texas Omnia X205 is a big old donor cow renowned for her ability to pass on her strong well bone features with good heads and big muzzle. We have AI’d and naturally joined H220 and are looking forward to his calves hitting the ground this spring. ($50/straw).




 Karoo Knockout K176(AI)
 Matauri Reality x Karoo Z3 Coonamble
 Frame 5.8
 Scrotal 47cm
 Mature Weight 1000kgs
Top 5% 200, 400, 600, SS, FAT


A faultless Reality son with phenotype, growth, calving ease, carcase and an outcross pedigree. Perfect to cross with Bartel, Berkley, Regent and Emperor lines. Purchased in partnership with Alpine Angus . (Semen marketed through Agri-Gene).



J600 AIETb

 Te Mania 09 450(AI)
 Te Mania Unlimited x Vermilion Dateline
 Frame 6.8
 Scrotal 43cm
 Mature Weight 1100kgs 


Trait leader for growth and Milk

Top 5% 600, MK Top 10% 400, Docility 

Was Te Mania New Zealand 2011 top priced bull of $30,000 purchased in a syndicate with Boonaroo Angus. Principal John Harrington of Te Mania NZ, described 09-450 as an Unlimited son that will certainly turn heads and covers all bases moderate birth coupled with explosive growth. John also noted 09-450 is from their top performing cow line with his maternal grand dam Te Mania 01-188 being the dam of last year's sale topper, 08-423, who was sold to Stern Angus of NZ for $36,000. Lindsay Haugh Te Mania NZs Beef Production Manager believed 09-450 was the outstanding bull of the draft and had an unbelievable data set and type. ($40/straw).


 Texas Global G563 (AI) (ET)
 New Design 458N x BT Ultravox
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 42cm
 Mature Weight 1300kgs


Trait leader for growth and Fertility

Top 1% 400, 600 Day, SS & All Indexes, Top 5% 200 Top 10% Docility

A super quiet 458N son with tremendous thickness, soft super slick sire with a great data set to match.  His dam Texas Undine Z036 is a stout highly fertile dam never missing a calf and producing top priced sons.  Consequently she was used as a donor.   Global's weight for age and do ability is impressive and half share was purchased by Jim and Jackie Wedge of Ascot Angus in 2014 for $20,000. ($50/straw)


B26 - 4 years
 Texas Bando B26 (AI)
 Bando 0699 x Future Direction
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 42cm
 Mature Weight 1300kgs 



Proven sire and was used in the stud for 8 years and still fit and sound. He is a balanced sire with easy fleshing, fantastic doability, super slick with added length. His sons have more growth than his ebvs say, with great yield and eye catching phenotype. His daughters are breeding extremely well and great mothers. B26 was sold to Rainbow Valley Angus and still working! ($30/straw)


 Texas Maximum P5 (AI)
 GT Maximum x Premier Highrise
 Frame 7 
 Scrotal 45cm
 Mature Weight 1300kgs  


An oldie but a goodie! P5 was a magnificent Angus bull admired by all who had the opportunity to see him.  He was extremely powerful, agile for his size and produced over a million dollars worth of bulls.  His sons displayed his amazing natural thickness, faultess structure,  broad muzzles, slick and wonderful do abilty in tough envirnoments.  His data set certainly doesn't do any justice  for his breeding capabilities. ($30/straw).

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