With the current cattle market booming, entries and interest in this year’s Royal Sydney Beef Challenge was at an all-time record. Last Friday night, the RAS Beef Challenge awards were announced at Tamworth NSW and Texas Angus came home with a swag of ribbons.

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Following the success of last year when Texas Angus won Reserve Champion Export Pen, profitability, carcase, feedlot trial and the daily weight gain sections, the Mayne family decided to enter pens of Angus heifers and steers to try and back up last year’s success.  Ben and Wendy Mayne were overwhelmed at the achievement of this year’s results.  

One pen of Texas Angus heifers took out Grand Champion 70 Day Domestic Class followed by another pen of their Angus heifers taking the Reserve Champion 70 Day Domestic Pen.  These heifers also placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd for individual daily weight gain (DWG) and of the 500 heifers and steers; all breed and crosses, the winning heifer pen were 0.5kg heavier than any other entry.  Also 2 pens of Texas steers placed 1st and 3rd in this 100 day export class for DWG.

Champion Heifers

Grand Champion 70 Day Domestic Pen 


History was made for Texas

It was the year of celebrations for Texas Angus and the Mayne family. After 80 years of breeding from the original 22 Scottish females that were imported back in 1936, history was made for the stud when the largest draft of 121 bulls were all sold to a top of $44,000 and achieved the highest average of $9,802.

 Top priced bull 

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Bull Sale Video has just been released - Bull Sale Thursday 28th July

Please click here.  There is no fancy drones just in house videoing of two men, who are so passionate about their cattle, having a chat about really good bulls! 

Lot 15 Texas Kelvin Klein K542

Lot 15 - Cracking good power bull (E10 x W109) weighing 1028kgs

Top 1% for 400, 600, SS, CWT, Top 5% GL, 200, RBY, HGR$ Top 10% MK AB$

Lot 40 Texas Konverter K117

 Lot 49 - Eye catching super quiet (GPS x 450) weighing 970kgs

 Top 1% for CEDT, GL, 200, 400, 600, SS, CWT, AB$, DOM$, HGR$, HG$, Top 10% DTC

 121 Top High Growth, Moderate Birth, Soft, Proven Carcass, Slick, Docile Bulls Sell Thursday 28th July

***Over 80 Bulls in Top 10% for all Growth Traits (200, 400, 600)

***Over 60  Bulls in Top 10% for Scrotal (Fertility Trait)

***Over 40 Bulls in Top 10% for All Indexes ($ Angus, Domestic, Grass and Grain)

***Over 75 Bulls in Top 20% CWT

***Over 40 Bulls Top 20% Calving Ease (Gestation and Calving Ease)

***Brothers marbling over 7 on 100 days feed, plus bulls scanning over 7 at 400 days!!

 ***Brothers had the highest marbling scores at RAS Beef Challenge 2015 and placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 8th for ADG out of 55 domestic Pens and placed 1st for ADG for Export pen in 2016 RAS Beef Challenge.

 The brothers of these bulls outcompeted cross breds and other purebreds for weight gain, carcass, marbling and feed efficiency at the 2015 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge!!!

 One of our steers marbled 7 and only on 100 days feed, two scores above any other steer or heifer (over 500 entries) and our steers average marbling was the highest above any other Angus, other purbreeds and crosses in the competition.  We were over the moon with our success at our FIRST ever feedlot/carcass trial.

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Angus steers and heifers trump 2016 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge

29 June 2016 | Liz Pearson - Angus Australia ENews

Maynes with Micahel MacCue  Ben Hiscox

Pictured top, left to right: Judy Mayne, Ben Mayne, Wendy Mayne, Michael MacCue (Wilga Feedlot), Rosie Mayne, Bill Mayne and Ben Hiscox (BJ Agencies)

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