Bull Weights Exceed Expectations

Finished weighing the bulls today and their weights are above expectations.  Top weight Lot 20 at 1002kgs and averaged 807kgs. More information


This year 15 bulls have cleared 900kgs which is an amazing result as they have all done it off oaten and forage rape crops.  The sale bulls average EBVs are in the top 15 and 20% of the breed for growth, caracse weight and RBY.  Texas has also made a significant jump in caracse EBVs which is an excellent result as our program doesn't compromise phenotype, weight for age, temperament, fertility and longevity just to gain the maximum genetic leap in IMF at the expense of these other important traits.


Lot 20 Texas Dynamite G500 (AI)(ET) hit 1002kgs today and not far behind was Lot 21 Texas Infinity G559 (AI)(ET) weighing a hefty 972kgs, while Lot 5 Texas Dynamite G560 (AI)(ET) was close on their heels at 970kgs, the full brother to the 2011 top priced bull that made $30,000.  

Movie of The Texas Angus Story

Take a tour of the Texas Angus Story and see how our family operates.  Click here

Open Day 12th July 2013

This year we will hold our annual Open Day on the 12th July. All 130 sale bulls will be on display as well as ET donors and sires.  This is a great day to preview the bulls and have full access to Ben to ask questions.  Drinks and lunch will be provided.  Please note we have a new sale date 1st August which is 2 weeks earlier than usual!!

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Videos of Sale Lots now live!

We are very excited to show you our bulls in the flesh!  We are still learning how to video, so please excuse the occasional shake or cutting off a bull's head but we love doing it! Click here and it will take you to the page of the videos, remember all you need to do is click on the photo of the lot and the short video will play.

Texas Angus Sale Results 2012

The largest and most even line up of Texas Bulls ever presented for sale were all snapped up on the 46th Annual property sale on Thursday 16th August 2012.  It was the commercial cattleman’s sale with all 133 bulls heading to commercial operations from a very large geographical spread.  Bulls were sold to northern, central and southern Queensland and the majority selling within 250km radius of the stud. After such a history breaking sale in 2011, this year’s sale on the contrary to many thinking it was going to “white hot”, buyers took the opportunity of securing 30 bulls in the $3000 - $4,500 price range, 50% of the bulls were sold for $5500 or less and was noted by many as value for money of the northern sales so far.

Read more: Texas Angus Sale Results 2012

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