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First Genetic Auctionsplus Sale Results July 2011


By Bob Jamieson BJA

Quality forced the cattle market back to levels and confidence not seen since the historical highs of March in the inaugural Texas Angus Genetics video sale held on Auctions plus on Friday 22nd July.

Jim Moore with Auctionsplus steers 201107362011-07-25

Jim Moore with his Auctionsplus Steers

The sale, conducted by Ray White Bob Jamieson Agencies of Inverell, saw 150 logged in bidders and a 100% clearance of 400 quality Texas Angus blood cattle. The cattle sold for extreme rates with particular emphasis on the domestic and EU markets.

Stars of the day were the Maria River Cattle Co of Walcha with their EU accredited Angus steers and the Moore family of “Towri” Burren Junction with 208 Texas blood Angus steers.

The Maria River Cattle Company sold 66 EU Accredited steers to a Roma buyer for 225c/kg on farm. The exceptional quality 340 kg steers give a view of the confidence in the beef market building in Europe as prices fall in the Japanese sector. Maria River, managed by Shane Carey, has been on high quality Texas bloodlines for over 10 years.

James and Pam Moore of ‘Towri” Burren Junction sold 208 high quality Angus steers to a top of 263.3 c/kg and an average of 237 c/kg on farm. The 105 sale topping steers weighed 210 kg and at 263c/kg saw competition that reflected the record highs seen in March April this year. The Moore family also sold 60 x 330kg steers for 216c/kg and 43 export weight feeders at 206c/kg.The cattle went to Toowoomba, Inverell and Glenn Innes buyers.

James and Pam Moore have been on the very best Texas bloodlines for 15 years regularly topping the Texas Angus bull sale in the quest for the very best genetics. Quality certainly paid on this occasion with the lead line of steers making 33 cents per kilogram or over $7000 over reserve for this one lot.

Well known Inverell cattle man Jack Rose also had a strong sale selling 40 Texas blood Angus steers to 232 c/kg, averaging 220 c/kg on farm. The steers went to local and Walcha buyers to fill domestic supermarket contracts.

The Devlin Family of Inverell sold a small run of Angus mix sexes to a Walcha buyer for a very respectable 206c /kg.

Ben and Wendy Mayne of Texas Angus Stud, “Doongara” Warialda offered the prize of the sale with a small run of stud heifers. David Schnitzerling of Stanthorpe purchased the top line of 7 February calving stud heifers for $1500 whilst Baamoo Pastoral through Ray White Tenterfield purchased the 12 younger sisters at $1000.

Ben and Wendy Mayne of Texas Angus are very excited with the results of their inaugural Genetics video sale and will co ordinate with their clients.

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