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Dave Lonergan, Northern NSW                                                Barry Gifford, Wran Creek Brangus, Central QLD

Lonergan  Barry Gifford

 Dave with some of his breeders                                                 Barry with Ben & Bill and Texas Neutron A156 (sold for $14,000) 






The Scottish Australian Company founded the Texas Angus Stud in 1936 at Texas Station, Texas Qld by importing twenty-one stud heifers and one sire (Kirkton Eroll Champion of the Scotish Angus Show).

Other famous sires such as Elusid of Balford (Imp) and Paidrew of Kildinny (Imp) were used in the stud and were also Champions at the Sydney and Brisbane Royal Shows.
In 1955, the Texas Stud was dispersed and Mr WHC Mayne purchased a number of females and the stud sire Paidrew of Kildinny (Imp) and the Gibraltar Angus Stud was formed at "Gibraltar", Texas Qld. Ironically it was the property next door.
The Gibraltar Stud was run by the Mayne family for 26 years and won many championship awards at both Brisbane and Sydney Royal Shows. The Gibraltar Stud was dispersed in 1981 and at the sale Mr Bill Mayne purchased 21 stud cows with heifer calves at foot and the Texas Angus Stud was reformed with descendants of the original cattle imported from Scotland 60 years ago.
In 1999, the Texas Angus Stud was relocated to "Doongara" Warialda, NSW to expand the stud to what it is today. Both Bill Mayne and son Ben Mayne run the stud.

A glimpse of the success of Texas/Gibraltar Angus 

 Ellen of Barnoldby  Paidrew of Kildinny

Keystone Texas Pride 1947 1st Royal National

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