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 Texas Undine Z183 (AI)

 Bushs Grand Design x Yellowstone
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Z183 is our No. 1 donor cow and has bred the house down at Texas.  She has now 118 progeny on the ground, her 35 sons consistently top our bull sale every year topping at $45,000 and averaging well over $12,000. A number of her sons have been purchased by stud breeders including Woodbourn TAS, Alpine VIC, Granite Ridge SA, Little Meadows WA, Gundapark QLD, Welcome Swallow VIC, Sandon Glenoch QLD, East West & High Land Court NSW. Three sons have been retained for stud use at Texas. We are very excited with many of her daughters who are breeding exceptionally well, no wonder why she is our top flushing donor.  Coincidently she is the daughter of our former No. 1 donor cow Texas Undine X221 who sold more than $430,000 worth of bulls. Z183 highest selling son Texas Mount K2 was bought by a syndicate of Welcome Swallow Angus VIC and Glenoch Angus QLD with Texas retaining 1/4 quarter share.  This year Z183 has 2 outstanding K447 IVF sons and 2 Marbles sons of which we were very tempted to retain one.  She has currently has sold 24 bulls for stud or bull breeding operations and grossing over $800,000.



 Texas Toque D035 (AI)(ET)

  Direction W109 x Frontier 095

D35 is an exciting new female with huge runs on the board. Her first 12 sons were sold in 2015 topped at $300000, averaged $12,000 and were heavily chased by Angus studs. Texas All Black J600(AI)(ET) was knocked down to Granite Ridge Angus SA in 2015 for $30,000, while Irelands Angus NSW snapped a GPS son Texas B-Line J603(AI)(ET) for $14,000 and Murdeduke Angus VIC outlayed $10,000 for Texas Western Express J606 (AI)(ET). In 2016 her 3 sons averaged $26,000 and Texas Kelvin Klein K542 topped that bull sale at $44,000 (another Western Express son) who was sold to Bruce Graham of Tarcutta NSW sight unseen. High Court Angus and Neville Duddy of Glenn Innes snapped up the full brother for $20,000.  While Granite Ridge Angus secured her only 09 450 son.  Last year her 6 sons averaged $14,000 topping at $23,000 for Texas Louis Vuitton L618(AI)(ET)  that sold to East West Angus. So far her 17 sons are averaging $15,600. Little wonder as D35 has a magnificent temperament, structure and feminity and has a long history of top performing females in her pedigree.  She is a large deep bodied female that breeds true to type gives that extra weight. 



 Texas Pride E030 (AI)

  A2 x Yellowstone

E30 was selected as a donor because of her breeding pediree and being another maternal line for the stud.  Her 2 sons were the equal second top priced for 2018 bull sale at $28,000 and her 4 sons averaged $20,000.  She breeds moderate framed, huge volume and capacity progeny with great structure and temperament. Her heifers are also breeding very well. 




Texas Undine Z036 (AI)

  Ultravox x Fortune


Z36 is a very honest solid breeding female that never fails to produce a top quality calf, that’s why she was selected to be a donor.  She breeds softness with that added fat and marbling.  Her 10 sons are averaging $8,250 topping at $20,000 selling to Ascot Angus QLD.  We have retained two of her sons for stud duties, and Texas Korporal (berkley son) is breeding the house down. This year Z036 has a  Discover son in this years sale.



Texas Undine H647(AI)(ET)

  E10 x Bushs Grand Design

H647 is a highly productive daughter of Z183 who has some serious power. Her first two natural calves averaged $11,500. We have been flusing H647 for the past few years and her first embyro calves are selling this year. We are selling all 3 Hector sons in this years sale and they are all standouts. Lot 49 is an absolute thumping good bull that catches everyones eye. She also has incredible ET calves in the West.



Texas Toque J605(AI)(ET)

  Te Mania 09 450 x W109

J605 is a daughter of the great D35 and entered the ET program back in 2015 after producing a thumping good Identity calf that was sold in 2017 for $24,000 to East West Angus. She is a very femimine female with great mobility, fleshing, softness with a kind eye. Her 8 bulls are averaging $14,000.

obility, fleshing, softness with a kind eye. 


Texas Undine H638(AI)(ET)

 Berkley x Grand Design

Yet another Z183 daughter that is breeding incredibly well.  Her first progeny has topped at $56,000(Texas's highest price), a magnificent power bull sold to DSK Angus in 2017. We are a big believers in cow lines and Texas Angus has never introduced another female since 1936.  We think the tight female lines of this stud is what gives us consistency and reduced variation which is evident when looking at our bull sale drafts. This cow has real horse power and her progeny are not large framed but have real weight for age with added softness. We are looking foward to flushing her to some elite worldwide sires.



Texas Undine J623(AI)(ET)

  Earnan x Grand Design


 We have high hopes for this daughter of the great Z183. Sha has had 2 thumping good bulls that were the feature lots in the last 2 bull sales, topping at $17,000. She is a lovely femmine Earnan daughter with great neck extension, we love her depth of body and excellent structure. Like always we only select females that are proven not because of flashy EBVs or just on pedigree. Please note J623 had a new born calf when this photo was taken.


Texas Toque J602(AI)(ET)

  Earnan x Grand Design



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