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Paddock Bulls are Available

Our bulls are run in large contemporary groups on sub tropical grasses and finished on a winter oat crop to gain the most accurate data set. The bulls are always in large paddocks where they walk kilometres each day to graze and water. We believe this vital for our bulls when they are being used in vast lignified country in the western and northern country of Australia.

Our whole business is run under holistic principals and so to is our breeding program. All sale and paddock bulls have been through a strict culling process and all steers and heifers that do not make the grade are benchmarked against all breeds and crosses in feeder carcase trials across the Australian Eastern Seaboard. This very important data from these commercial industry relevant feeder carcase trials are then incorporated back into our breeding program. Texas Angus has and always been about profitability. In a nut shell our breeding program encompasses all facets of the beef industry – cow calf producer, back grounder, feeder, processors, point end of sale and the beef is ultimately enjoyed by the consumer who continues to buy more. So that means live calves, females rebreeding, progeny having plenty of growth and carcase traits that hits market specifications in the faster time.

Ben has travelled the world visiting different seedstock operations and the genetics at Texas are at the forefront of the Australian Angus breed. If you are looking for a higher performing, proven carcase, genetically improved sires bred to increase your $/ha come and have a look.

  • All bulls are from the same large contemporary group – That gives you the buyer the ability to compare equally.
  • Bulls have been raised on Sub tropical grasses and finished on oaten crops. They receive probiotic supplementary lick to prepare the bulls rumen to be able to survive and thrive in environments where most Angus do not. That’s why Texas clients return as their bulls LIVE and WORK and outperform. The bulls are NOT out of a feedlot and are ready to work the day you buy!
  • Sired by genetics that are exclusive to Texas – some of the sires are below

Please contact us for a comprehensive sale list and data.