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Texas Koolies was founded in 2019 with Texas Emmie and Allambie Thorn (Louie).  Wendy grew up with Koolies around her with her mother (Gill Leeds) having a deep passion for the Breed.  Wendy has always had working dogs at Texas Angus and was given her first Koolie Pup (Emmie) by her mother back in 2015.  After training both Emmie and Louie from pups she witnessed how clever, loyal, agile and the versatility of these dogs which prompted her to start breeding. Wendy realised back then there were very few breeders in Australia that were actually breeding “working Koolies” and really wanted to continue the working breed and give greater access to other livestock farmers who were seeking other working dogs other than the Kelpie or the Border Collie.  With a lifetime of breeding cattle and knowing the importance of maternal female lines Wendy’s passion of breeding Koolie dogs is second to none and her dogs loyalty has to be seen. Both Ben and Wendy use the dogs daily and would be lost without them. To date, pups have been sold to all states except for Tas and NT.

Emmie is the best working matriarch, and displays incredible intelligence in both paddock and yard. Does bite and bark and would back sheep if we had them. She is always helping when photographing our sale bulls and she is disciplined and so keen to work every day. Louie has bite, force and amazing stamina. He will only bite on the nose not the hocks. Pippi and Gidget are young and still learning the ropes. Pippi has eye, bite and covers a lot of country. There are always 350 bulls running on the place each year and these dogs handle the bulls quietly and will enforce boundaries if any bulls stray. Our weaners are handled with our dogs each year for educational purposes. If you are interested in purchasing a pup please call on Wendy 0438 376 622. 

Below is a young pup “Red Dog” (Pippie x Louie) only six months of age working confidently with bulls and was sold shortly after is now working very well for a contract sheep and goat musterer in the Riverina.


From Steve and Gail

“We have had the pup for a fair while now and would like to let you know that we are very happy with her. She is a keen worker and very eager to please. She has a great personality and is a real asset to the farm.”