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Our 2023 RAS Beef Challenge results mirrors the RNA 2023 Paddock to Palate results, where we placed 2nd overall (Feedlot & Carcase results combined) with a pen of Angus heifers in the 100 Day HGP Free class just missing the Grand Champion pen. With only heifers to enter this year’s RAS Beef Challenge we certainly knew it was a tough ask for them to compete against all steers in this class. But to be awarded Champion Individual, Reserve Champion Pen and to also place third in the pen section was an excellent result! We also had the highest MARBLING of the competition.
Our pursuit of breeding highly fertile, high performance Angus with excellent carcase traits (REAL LIFE PROFITABILITY) continues and these industry relevant feeder carcase trials are the perfect avenue for us to benchmark our pure bred Angus against not only Angus but other pure-breeds and mostly crossbred steers.

Balance and profitability are the key drivers at Texas, we will continue to push the boundaries of efficiency whilst not sacrificing fertility and our excellent eating qualities. Entering crossbred Angus would be an easy solution to give that extra advantage in the competition, but we will not compromise with our purebreds as the performance and carcase data is a critical part of feeding this information back into our breeding program.

There’s no doubt these competitions certainly showcases where seedstock and commercial breeders sit in the beef industry.