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Now in its 26th year, EKKA’s Paddock to Palate is Australia’s richest feeder carcase trial that dished out almost $55,000 in prize money. It’s also recognised as one of the world’s more commercially relevant competitions, with cutting edge data collection technology giving producers the opportunity to benchmark their purebred or crossbred cattle against 900 entries from some of the best seedstock and commercial cattle operators across Australia.
With only 3 years experience competing in this prestigious RNA PADDOCK TO PALATE and allowing anyone to see how our pure Angus genetics perform against all breeds and crosses, we once again just missed taking the top honours in the 100 Day NON HGP Free Export Class 40, placing 2nd Overall. It was like deja vu for us as we repeated the same result placing 2nd overall (weight gains and carcase results combined) in the same class in 2021 and 4th in 2022.
We also placed second for the carcase section and 4th and 5th in the weight gain section this year in Class 40.

We have always focused on the 100 Day NON HGP Class at the Paddock to Palate Competition as we feel this represents where customer demand is and will definitely be in the future. We also had the second highest MARBLING pen in this class.
Two of our commercial clients of our Don and Kathy McCrae and Hamish and Mary McIntyre McIntyre Ag both had a very successful night on the podium with the McCrae’s Angus winning the Highest Individual MSA Index score Class 37 & 40 plus the Eating Quality Award in Class 40 while McIntyre Ag Angus scooped the pool with Highest Individual MSA Index score Class 38. 👏👏👏