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Texas Hosts Tocal Ag

Yesterday, we were delighted to host a group of enthusiastic Tocal Agricultural Students at Texas Angus. This marks our third year of welcoming Tocal Ag, and we thoroughly enjoy providing the students with insights into our breeding program and sustainable land management practices.

To conclude the visit, we engaged the students in a bull assessment task, challenging them to identify the top four bulls in each of the four pens. The students had the chance to walk freely amongst this year’s sale bulls, which was the first time our bulls had seen such a large group and handled the pressure perfectly.😍

Wrapping up the day, we gathered for a barbecue in our garden, offering the students the opportunity to watch the sunset and engage in open conversation, encouraging them to ask questions and interact with us.

Big thanks to Em and Mark for coordinating this visit and for bringing such a great bunch of polite interested students.