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2011 Holistic Beef Day

In late March 2011 Texas Angus opened its gates to 80 keen beef producers to see first hand the production side of it’s operating business and how it is reducing its carbon footprint.

Principal Ben Mayne and his family wanted to share their knowledge of how they have implemented sustainable agricultural principles on their property “Doongara”.

“This was an excellent day for anyone beef producer wanting to hear about their industry at a grass roots level,” Mr Mayne said.

“We basically wanted to supply information that has worked at Doongara from the soils through to plants and animal health onto marketing and yard technologies,” Ben said.

Information topics covered on the day included:

  • Improving soil, plant and animal health with the use of natural mineral fertilisers (healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy cattle)
  • Establishment and use of tropical grasses,
  • Loss lick supplements and concentrates,
  • Performance recording,
  • Weighing and data collection
  • New innovative animal marketing options.
  • Utilising renewable energy at Texas Angus with the latest Solar tracking systems

All companies gave an informal presentation and had trade displays and attendees enjoyed delicious Texas Angus steak sandwiches.

The day had been such a success that participants and companies have requested another day next Autumn.

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