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Open Day 2012

Many flock to MSA Accrediation Day

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After a cold wet week, a lovely fine winter’s day drew a large crowd to the Texas Angus MSA Open day held at Doonagara, Warialda NSW last Friday. People travelled from as far north as Surat QLD and south from Tamworth NSW. It was an excellent information day for the 85 attendees to gain an insight on the latest details on the MSA grading system, how it operates in Australia and for producers that could to gain a marketing advantage with their beef production. This was followed with with Ben Mayne and Bob Jamieson talking about the success and progress of the Texas Angus client branded sale and how being MSA compliant has major marketing advantages.

Texas Angus has had a close affiliation with four main companies over a number of years to stream line its cost of production and maximise efficiency. Ben Mayne gave a brief introduction of each of the companies and how they have help Texas Angus with their production system. Each of the companies gave a brief description of their business and was available at each of their display sites for people to have a one on one conversation about their products and services. Practical Systems with their program Stock Books, Heritage Seeds on tropical grasses, Intergrated Stockfeeds on loose lick supplements, and Munash Natural Mineral Fertilisers on balancing your soils, all had a lot of enquiry for the day. People were able to hear and see how each of these companies has helped Texas Angus evolve its business and how they could incorporate them into their own business practices.
“The day was designed for people to get as much information as possible to help their own businesses” Ben Mayne said.
“After all, if everyone can earn that extra dollar by becoming that bit more efficient, the bush as a whole will have more money to go around and that in turn will help everyone” he said
Everyone was treated to a very tender juicy Angus steak for lunch supplied by MSA before viewing the 140 Texas bulls on display. These bulls have been born, bred and grown up on tropical grasses and presented on oat crops for the Texas Angus Bull Sale on Thursday 16th August.

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