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Texas Sells to 4 States

Texas Angus achieved a great sale despite the ongoing drought and depressed cattle market conditions at the time of sale. The stud sold 84 bulls for an average of $4064, topping at $14,000. It was the first year for Bangadang Western Express E10 sons to sell and they were hotly contested with Lot 11 Texas Western Express H639 making the top dollar. Colin Flanagan of Granite Ridge Angus traveled across from South Australia to secure H639 and also picked up the heaviest bull of the sale, Texas Western Force H606 for $8,500. He was impressive with the bulls’ weight for age, growth, temperament and size. H639 was 954kgs with an ebv spread of +5 for BW to +127 600 days +7.5 EMA, +1.2 RBY and positive calving ease.LOT 11 - TEXAS WESTERN EXPRESS H639 AIET

The dam of these sons, Texas Undine Z183 has been the studs leading donor and has sold up to date 12 sons for an average of $12,000 which indicates how influential this female is breeding in the Texas herd. The full brother to H639, Lot 4 Texas Western Express H126 was secure by Chris Oswin of Alpine Angus VIC for $11,000. This young sire was selected for his excellent spread of ebvs having calving ease, growth, carcase and temperament with his ebvs being in the top 1% for growth, CWT and all indexes except of LF. Alpine Angus were so happy with Lot 4, they have changed his name to Texas Hold ‘Em H126 and plan to flush their top donors to this great young sire.


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