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Texas Sells Australia’s Highest Priced Mature Cow for $150,000

Texas PRIDE L600 with Mogck Entice Bull Calf

Texas PRIDE L600 – was sold privately this year for a Australian Angus Mature Price record of $150,000 to Moorunga Angus VIC. L600 is a very special cow of the Texas herd and it was a big decision for us to sell her. The only thing that swayed us was we have a significant number of her genetics filtered throughout the herd.  She sold with a cracking Mogck Entice bull calf at foot.

L600 displays all the qualities of the Texas herd; incredible fleshing, femininity, great structure, performance and has bred the house down which is why she has been our lead donor for the last few years. L600’s maternal background is huge. We believe excellent genetics always flows from the maternal base and L600’s maternal history is built like the roman empire. Her dam is the great Texas PRIDE E30 who was sold to 3R Livestock for an Australian Angus Mature Cow record of $60,000 at 11 years old (at that time) and is now their foundation donor who is still being flushed at 14 years of age. While her grand dam, Texas PRIDE B052, was also a very successful breeder in the Texas herd.

L600’s first natural calf, Texas NASA N121, needs no introduction. His first 22 sons were sold at this year’s bull sale topping at $50,000 and averaging just below $30,000. NASA’s sons were heavily chased at the sale for their calving ease, true power and performance and they were also in hot demand at South Australian Glatz Black Angus bull sale earlier this year. Her second bull calf, a Varilek GEDDES son, Texas ROMEO R190 was the standout bull of this year’s draft and we decided to retain him in the stud with his calves due next Autumn. Like NASA he is a phenotypically outstanding bull with incredible length, super slick, strength of head & carriage and has awesome docility.

L600’s first sons sold in this year’s bull sale and were in hot demand because of their sheer natural fleshing and weight for age. In summary her 10 sons topped at $55,000 and averaged $32,000. We have 12 of L600’s daughters retained and will be using NASA and ROMEO heavily for the next few years to maintain L600’s influence throughout the herd.

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